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Mikey and Eve Brafford Eve Swinging a batMikey Brafford and Dee Daniels Locke 2013 ALHC Champions

"Each year they bring something new, fresh and exciting!"

Chad Madness

"We have had Michael and Eve Brafford teach a series of workshops for many years here at Mizzou, and each year they bring something new, fresh, and exciting to the table. One of their best teaching traits is the ability to cater even one individual class to a variety of levels. The workshops we’ve hosted have had people that have been dancing for over four years and some whom have never danced before, and everyone still had something new to take away. They are incredibly nice, easy to understand, and enthusiastic about what they’re teaching. Each year I have people come tell me how much they enjoyed having Michael and Eve, and ask to have them back again."

~Chad Madness, President of Mizzou Swing Society

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